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On Board Fun


What distinguishes Carnival Cruise Lines from the rest?
Well, for those new to cruising, it´s the fact that Carnival Cruise Lines has the world´s largest fleet. An incredible number of 23 ships are heading for the most fascinating destinations in the world in the service of Carnival Cruise Lines.
On board our ships – also called floating resorts – you´ll not only find the quality you´d expect from resorts ashore but much more. During your entire cruise, we aim to provide you with endless fun and unforgettable memories. Not to mention all the fascinating destination you´ll discover. And what´s the best of it: You´ll only have to unpack once!

A wonderful cruise and unique value for money are waiting for you.

  • 3,8 million passengers can´t be wrong
  • 98% customer satisfaction – that´s unique in the travel industry
  • More than 33% of Carnivals passengers are repeaters
  • Very large and comfortable staterooms
  • Award-winning entertainment
  • Outstanding youth programs
  • Five star meals
  • The biggest casinos and the highest jackpot at sea
  • The largest selection of shore excursions


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