Courses and seminars give you the oppertunity to learn something new everyday, make new experiences and meet your fellow passengers.
Fun is guaranteed when you take part to a hip-hop or salsa class - we can't wait to meet you!


Test your friends' and your musical talent at the Karaoke, unveil the singer that may be hiding in you!


Want to tempt fate or learn the secrets of Blackjack, Poker and other card games? You can take part to the numerous courses held by the dealers at the Casino. Learn the rules of the games and some helpful tricks that will help you win!


On board Carnival Magic and Carnival Dream, professional trainers take fitness classes and beauty seminars at the Cloud9 Spa. Here are some examples:
Secrets to a Flatter Stomach
Detox for Health and Weight Loss
Eat More to Weigh Less 
Burn Fat Faster
Skin Care for the Next Generation


If you prefer to dedicate your time on board to the fitness and sports activities, don't hesitate to visit our state-of-the-art fitness center with ultimate equipment. A wide range of activities are offered here: stretching and aerobic classes, Pilates, spinning, yoga and much more (note: charges may apply, please check the daily Carnival Funtimes for details).

Personal Trainers are available for private lessons. Please contact the on board staff for further information and for reservations. Check on your daily Carnival FunTimes for opening and classes hours.


On Board Fun 

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