Library & Internet

The relaxing days at sea during your cruise give you the perfect opportunity to seek refuge in the cozy and quiet on board library and read a good book. 
The library offers you a selection of books of various subject, that you can borrow and keep for the whole cruise. Board games are also available.

To keep you connected while at sea, every one of our ships provides satellite Internet access facilitated through the Internet Café and through the ship-wide WiFi network.
Open 24-hours, the Internet Café features private terminals where you have the ability to surf the Web, chat online and access your private e-mail account (Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, etc.) Alternatively, personalized CruisE-mail™ is available on most vessels.

For your convenience, the Internet Café Manager is available for assistance during posted hours.

Internet Café Terminals
The terminals run on Windows XP and are limited to Internet communication. The terminals are not equipped with Microsoft Office (WORD, EXCEL, etc), however, most files can be accessed as “read only” for viewing purposes but cannot be edited or saved. Please note, on your personal laptop you can read, edit and save files without restrictions according to the programs installed.

Laptops and Wireless Users
ou may use your personal laptop while onboard, your iPhone and all other WiFi equipped devices and most software installed on them without restrictions.

Instructions on how to create an account and pricing details are present on-screen in the Internet Café or on your laptop once you connect to Carnival WiFi. Internet pricing is identical, whether you are using the Internet Café terminals, your own laptop or other wireless devices. All internet access charges will be billed directly to your onboard “Sail & Sign” Account.

Activation fee
a one-time $3.95 charge applies to each user on their first login only.

Time Plans
offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a lower per-minute rate. These Time Plans are transferable between Internet Café terminals and personal laptops/wireless devices, can be used anytime throughout the cruise until debarkation and do not have to be used in a single session. No refund will be awarded for unused minutes. Upgrading a pre-selected pricing option is not available and plans are subject to change.

Longer Cruises (6 days and longer)
• 250 minutes for $100.00
• 100 minutes for $55.00
• Pay As You Go: $0.75/minute

Shorter Cruises (5 days and shorter) 
• 60 minutes for $24.00 
• 30 minutes for $16.50 
• Pay As You Go: $0.75/minute

Carnival Dream and Carnival Magic (all itineraries)
• 480 minutes for $159.00 – complimentary laptop rental included
• 240 minutes for   $89.00 – complimentary laptop rental included
• 120 minutes for   $59.00
•   45 minutes for    $29.00

• Pay As You Go: $0.75/minute

Printing – available in the Internet Café at $0.50/page

CruisE-mail™ - is our personalized email service set up as a convenience for those guests who either do not have their own email or are unable to access their own service provider. There is an additional charge of $3.95 for each outgoing (sent) message. No additional charges apply for received (incoming) messages. The feature is not available on the Carnival Dream.

Laptop rental

Carnival Dream – a limited number of laptops are available for rent for $9.00/day or complimentary with the purchase of a 480 or 240 minute Time Plan (while supplies last); a $50.00 deposit will be charged on the guest’s Sail & Sign Card and refunded upon returning the laptop.

All other ships in the Carnival fleet – a limited number of laptops are available for rent for $10.00/day or complimentary with the purchase of a Time Plan (while supplies last); optional insurance is available for $10.00/day.


Iphones and Blackberries can access the internet two different ways – either using the cellular network or our wireless network. If a guest uses the cellular network, they will be using it at the international data rates of their carrier; if they use our wireless network, they will be prompted to enter the same username/password that they use for accessing the internet café and at the same time plan rates.

Note: Internet access via satellite is a significantly different experience than high-speed connections on shore. Onboard Internet access is not guaranteed at all times due to the nature of satellite communications, which are subject to occasional disruptions due to weather patterns and location.

Accessing E-mail and the Internet in the middle of the world's oceans is a triumph of cutting edge satellite technology. Our investment into this technology matches some of the most prestigious companies in the world, but even so it cannot be as fast as your home broadband. This is because the data must be transmitted over a slower wireless signal to satellites 22,000 miles above the Earth, which then bounce the data back down to the exchange. At home the data is sent down your fast cable connection to your local exchange, just around the corner from your house. We are continually reviewing our investment to secure you as fast a connection as possible and challenge fjords, glaciers and other grand geographical locations, to provide you with as seamless and consistent a service as possible.





Carnival takes seagoing technology to an entirely new level with the introduction of the FunHub, a comprehensive shipboard intranet portal featuring the cruise industry’s first on-board social network along with access to a wide variety of information on the ship’s services, facilities and daily activities.


The FunHub is on the Carnival Dream and will be on the Carnival Magic.


Access to the FunHub will be available via 36 state-of-the-art stations on the Carnival Dream (44 on the Carnival Magic), located on decks 3, 4 and 5. The FunHub locations will provide guests with free and convenient access to an informative ship-specific intranet portal, and an exclusive shipboard social network, both of which will be available on a 24/7 basis. Guests may also access the sites via their personal laptops or via 10-inch netbooks which are available for rent and can be used anywhere on board.


The on-board social network mirrors the experience one finds on other social networking sites. Guests can create a personal profile and use the application to meet and interact with others on board, send and receive private messages, create groups based on interests, and invite friends to attend shows or participate in on-board events. Guests can also create their own private or public discussion group, inviting others in their traveling party or friends they meet on board to participate.


Designed as a convenient resource for wide-ranging information specific to the ship, the intranet portal details the ship’s numerous on-board activities, including entertainment options, daily events and youth programs. The extensive food and beverage offerings are showcased with sample menus, hours of operation and more. A filtering application is available to assist guests in planning their day.


The portal also includes weather updates for that day and the next port of call; the latest news and sports scores; biographies of key shipboard personnel; ship and cruise director announcements; fun, interactive polls; helpful three-dimensional ship maps, and a frequently asked questions section.


The on-board social network and intranet portal are available on any guest computer or Wi-Fi enabled device free of charge.


The FunHub provides guests with an exciting and convenient way to keep in touch, meet new friends and learn all about the “Fun Ship” fleet. Internet access to sites outside the FunHub also is available through all FunHub locations. Netbooks are available free of charge when purchasing a special Internet package on board.



Funville@Sea is our free ship-specific portal where guests can:


  • Find out about onboard activities and events, participate on daily polls
  • Navigate their way around the ship using cool 3D maps
  • Find info on our many food and beverage options
  • Check the weather, the latest news and sports scores
  • Read the latest ship or cruise director announcement
  • Surf the Web


Funnel@Sea is our exclusive on board free social network, where guests can:


  • Create a personal profile and meet fellow guests
  • Connect with guests travelling within their group
  • Send and receive private messages
  • Participate in discussion groups
  • Create their own discussion groups




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