Camp Carnival

Welcome to Camp Carnival where kids ages 2-11 have their own space, games, paints, crayons, pool area and everything else that young cruisers love. We make sure they have so much fun, they don't even notice they're being supervised. They think our counselors are just big kids.

Camp Carnival includes a wide range of activities designed for children in three different age groups - Toddlers, Juniors, and Intermediates.
All children are supervised by staff who have experience and/or education in child-care. You'll see your child's excitement grow as soon as they meet their counselor and get assigned to their group. And when it's time to eat kids get their very own menus, featuring all their favorites like hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, macaroni & cheese, hamburgers and more.

The children are divided in age groups as follows:

2-5 years (Toddlers)
6-8 years (Juniors)
9-11 years (Intermediates)


The age-appropriate activities at Camp Carnival are sure to delight your 2-5 year-olds. The smaller children enjoy many of their fun events in the Camp Carnival headquarters. From finger painting to cartoon time, arts and crafts to puppet shows, your little ones will have a blast!
We also provide babysitting services in the evenings. So plan a "date night" or "quiet time" just for two. Toddlers do not have to be potty-trained in order to be part of Camp Carnival; parents simply need to provide the youth staff with diapers and toiletries for their child.


When our 6-8 year-old guests enter the bright and lively world of Camp Carnival they'll enjoy fun-filled and exciting activities like Spin Art, dodgeball, volcano making and more. Your pint-size cuties will also participate in a large variety of themed activities and games - including prize bingo, water colors, jewelry making, foosball, air hockey, and much more.Your kids will have so much fun, they won't even noticed they're being supervised. They'll think of our counselors as just big kids.

Your 9-11 year-olds will feel a flurry of excitement every time they step into Camp Carnival. Our young cruisers will play all day long - from dodgeball and pool parties to video games and scavenger hunts. They'll also be excited about the new friends they've made.

Parents can take advantage of our evening "After Hours" services from 10 p.m. till 12 a.m. After 12 a.m., juniors and intermediate will join the younger cruisers for our Slumber Party service until 3 a.m.


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