Club O2

Club 02 activities are designed to be cool and a little more relaxed. Teens from 15 to 17 can hangout with their friends and watch a movie, listen to the latest music, play video games or join karaoke jam sessions. We've even set up teen-only shore excursions so your young adults can enjoy the sites and sounds of our beautiful ports with their peers.


Club O2 Lounge
Club O2's dedicated lounge area onboard is a hot spot with cool colors, comfy seating, video monitors, and a state-of-the-art dance floor. Teens can enjoy Coca-Cola products and other non-alcoholic specialty drinks as they watch movies, play video games and participate in this activity driven club - ALL with the goal to keep your teen havin' FUN.


Club O2 Director
Each director brings their own unique style to Club O2. They are hired and trained to spark the interest of teens and get them involved in great activities.
Their motivation and dedication to the program ensures your teen's cruise experience is unlike any they have ever had before. They are hosts, entertainers and often DJ's for our great teen-themed parties.

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