Before your cruise

We would like to draw your attention on a few important subjects that concern your vacation:

Travel Documents 
Each Passenger is responsible for obtaining and paying for all visas and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries visited during the cruise.

Fun Pass
As a Carnival guest, you have the convenience of expediting your check-in process by registering for your cruise in advance, while also satisfying Department of Homeland Security requirements.

Once you have completed the information and printed a FunPass, simply go through a document verification check after you arrive at the cruise terminal. It's that easy!

Start by entering your booking number (alphanumeric code) in the box at the left and complete your
FunPass in three easy steps.

Here is what you will need for everyone in your party:

Personal Information
(full name, home address, phone number, etc.)

Citizenship Information
(passport data, permanent resident card number, etc.)

Travel Plans
Guests with independent travel arrangements will need to provide details regarding pre and post transportation arrangements (arrival and departure flight information, hotel arrangements, etc.)

Onboard Expense Account Information (Sail & Sign)
Method of Payment to set up account

All guests in your cabin must provide the required information in order to obtain a FunPass. Online registration is available until the day before sailing. Taking a few minutes now will let you start enjoying your long-awaited cruise that much sooner.

The information that you have provided to Carnival may be shared with government agencies as required by law or as requested by such agencies.

Although not strictly necessary, we suggest you that you print a copy of the Funpass and keep it with your travel documents: once at the embarkation terminal you will simply show your travel documents and you will be admitted on board.